Importance of the Taxi Camera

In recent years, more and more cab drivers are falling victims to various crimes on the streets. The problem has become so severe that in Chicago, the local government tried preventing it by mandating that all taxicabs install partitions that are bullet resistant. However, the move was considered as useless by majority of drivers. Most do not keep their partitions on because they are awkward and restrict proper ventilation. Such hindrances though will not be an issue if you are going to use a taxi camera instead.

A taxi security camera enhances vehicle safety, cab company employee control and driver behavior. Such a camera is designed not to interfere with the vision, safety or mirror of the driver but can still provide a wide view to record every action happening inside the cab. Taxi security cameras can be installed anywhere inside the cab depending on the model and make of the cab but typically, they are positioned above the rear view mirror. The position provides the best view of the entire cab, allowing the taxi camera to capture everything.

Build to stand the test of time, the taxi camera that you can find in the market today is reliable, stable and resistant to shock and impact. Taxi Haarlem The entire system has voltage irregularity protection and has its own battery supply to guard against power failures. In addition, all the cameras have a troubleshooting mode that will allow the installer to ensure that the unit is in perfect working condition.

A taxi camera system is also tamper-proof and provided with a reliable memory, which allows the recorded file to be retrieved by an authorized party. There is a restricted access mode that could be set to allow nobody except the police to see the video and images that were recorded. Many of the taxi camera systems in the market at present are incorporated with infrared light that allows recording of images in all light conditions that include shade, bright sunshine, darkness and complete darkness. Some can even record videos in strong backlight.

For some designs, there is an optional emergency button that can send images to the proper authorities through a GPRS network, in addition to saving data to a protected overwritten memory. If allowed by law, a unique feature will allow the taxi camera to save a copy of videos and images that were recorded in a credit card transaction. This will help in the verification process and control illegal charge-backs.

If you are planning to install a taxi camera in your cab, you have to consider not just the features of a system but also the cost. A system can easily cost more than a thousand dollars, which made many cab companies slow in adopting the taxi camera. Many independent operators may also find it hard to install security cameras in their taxis, considering the continuous increase in the price of gas and spare parts. However, with the rapid advance in technology, many are hoping that the price of the taxi camera will eventually go down.

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